H. Randy Cochran is the Founder and Senior Storage Architect at Data Center Enhancements Inc.  He has over 34-years of experience as a computer professional, with specific knowledge in external SAN/NAS/DAS storage architectures. He is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in the enterprise storage field. management suites.  For the past five years his specific area of emphasis has been on the unique operational characteristics and challenges presented by petabyte-level storage systems.

Mr. Cochran’s other architectural design skills include enterprise-level high-end server structures and storage subsystems, virtual server design, e-Discovery architecture, LAN and WAN technologies, systems installation and configuration, and multi-vendor products and software integration.

Prior to founding Data Center Enhancements Inc., Mr. Cochran worked for several powerhouse consulting companies in the industry including IBM Global Services, Computer Sciences Corporation, Unisys, and the technical arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

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